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When stuck in traffic,
or while
walking the dog.

Press "start" and JustTalkTo™ will automatically connect you on the phone with someone you want to speak with.

Ture spare time
to productivity

JustTalkTo™ is a productivity tool to make your spare time useful. Use JustTalkTo™ during your commute or between tasks.

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JustTalkTo will go through your custom call-list to find who is also available to

speak at that moment and will consecutively connect them on the phone with you!

It's easy to fill your call-list

Capture missed-calls

Share your link

with clients and colleagues so that they can add themselves to your call-list.

Add to your list

Add important calls you'd like to make to your call-list.

Include colleagues, friends, and even grandma!

JustTalkTo can automatically capture
missed calls
into your


Never miss a call

Add important phone calls you want to make into your call-list to make sure you never miss them.

Super important calls can be pinned as priority.

Identify caller's needs

Automatically send a customized text message or a form to a missed-call

to keep them engaged and discover what they're calling about

Manage your missed-calls 

JustTalkTo will automatically capture your missed calls into your call-list

to help you get back to them

Fit your mood

Create different call-lists for different types of calls; professional and personal.

Run the lists separately, or as a mix!

Get a link to share with your clients, colleagues and audience to add themselves to your call-list

and apply for a phone-call with you!

Dr Doron Testemonial.png

Dr. Doron Goldberg

My patients know they can always contact me, but my schedule means I am not available for many hours. JustTalkTo helps me create a personal connection with my patients while making the most of the driving time to the hospital. It allows me to be accessible whenever I choose and keep my private time to myself.



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