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Idle Time into

Want to talk to people in your life, but can't seem to find the time?
JustTalkTo automatically finds an available connection, and gets you talking.

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How it works


1   >   You sign up and create a profile page, with the topics you want to talk about

Receive phone calls at the right time

​Everybody is busy, and setting up a phone call can be a pain. JustTalkTo takes the friction away, and gets you on a call with an available connection

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Get in touch with
your network

People are using JustTalkTo in various ways:

  • Community leaders give mentoring

  • Consultants give advice and guidance

  • VC managers and angel investors give feedback on startup ideas

  • Teachers and teaching assistants hold office hours

  • Doctors answer patient questions

  • Executives have "watercooler talks" with their employees

  • Busy people stay in touch with their friends

Maximize your idle time


Make the most out of your idle time by starting conversations during:

  • Commutes

  • Dog walks

  • Baby strolls​

  • Workouts

  • House chores

  • Or just whenever you feel like talking to someone! 

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"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us"

J.R.R. Tolkien – The Fellowship of The Ring

Become a host

Become a host and turn your idle time into meaningful connection

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