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A virtual assistant for your calls to-do list

Getting a lot of missed calls?


We capture them, ask your callers for more details, and confirm their availability before we get you on the line.

Just like a trusted PA, we remove all the friction, so you can concentrate on creating value for your business.


Stop wasting your time 

Waiting on the line

Playing "phone tag" with contacts

Following up on calls from unknown numbers

With JustTalkTo you can

Greet your callers when you can't pick up


We text your missed callers, ask for more details, and let them know that you’ll get back to them

Get back to your most important callers

Drag-and-drop to prioritize your queue of calls, so you get back to the most important ones first

Only connect when the other side answers

We make sure that your caller is ready for your call, with all the details they left

Your staff can set up calls for you

Just like calendar meetings - your staff can add calls to your queue

Connects with your existing phone contacts

Need a CRM integration? We’ll connect it for you!

Doron G.png

Dr. Doron Goldberg

My patients know they can always contact me, but my schedule means I am not avliable for many hours.

JustTalkTo helps me create a personal connection with my patients, while making the most of the driving time to the hospital. It allows me to be accessible whenever I choose, and keep my private time to myself.

Hi! 👋

I'm Shira, JustTalkTo's friendly CEO

We are just starting out, and we know the best way to build a great product is by talking to its users! 


So we are looking for early adopters who want to try the beta version of the product, give feedback, and help us make sure that we are solving a real problem.

Click below to schedule a 30 minute session with me, and we'll take it from there

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