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JustTalkTo Mentorship

1:1 mentoring session to strengthen ties in your community

Mentoring Sessions on the go

JustTalkTo Mentorship is a space that allows mentors and mentees to have 1:1 mentoring sessions over the phone. The sessions are not scheduled in advance, but rather they happen spontaneously when both the mentor and the mentee are available.

The JustTalkTo bot talks to the mentors and the mentees, and coordinates the sessions for them.

The mentors 

  • Mentors create a personal profile, using a registration form, or via a batch file upload

  • All mentor profiles are shown in an online page, that can be customized to match any brand

  • Mentor profiles contains their name, social media links, and tags that describe the subjects they want to talk about

  • The JustTalkTo Bot will guide the mentors as they join the service, and will explain how to initiate a session


The mentees

  • Mentees can browse the mentors space and selects mentors they want to talk to

  • The JustTalkTo Bot will ask the mentee about the subject of the call

  • Mentees can subscribe to one or more mentors

  • The bot will let the mentee know when one of the mentors he subscribed to becomes available for a session

  • If the mentee is free, they can accept the session.

  • And if they are not free, no worries! They will receive a message the next time a mentor becomes available

The bot

  • The JustTalkTo bot is a WhatApp bot (SMS coming soon!) that talks to both the mentors and the mentees, and coordinates sessions for them

  • The mentors and the mentees do not communicate directly until they meet on the session itself

  • The bot's name, language, and tone of voice can be changed to match any brand

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Communities who trust us


A global community of wild, ambitious and helpful women, dedicated to turning on female leadership around the world.

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Israel’s largest community of senior software engineers, data scientists and researchers that are women.

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An innovation community of women and men who believe in creating gender equality for building a strong and healthy Israeli society

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