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JustTalkTo Mentorship

The Mentee Experience

1  Subscribe to mentors

Browse through the community space to see all the available mentors.

For each mentor you can see their name and social profiles, and decide if they are the right match for you.

When you see a mentor that you'd like a session with, you can subscribe to her by clicking on the "subscribe" button on the gallery page, or on the personal mentor's profile page.

It's best to subscribe to ore than one mentor, to increase the chances of getting a session.

2  Talking to the bot

When you subscribe to a mentor, you will start a conversation with the JustTalkTo bot, who will ask for the subject of the call, and add you to the mentor's list.


The bot will also notify the mentor about your subscription, so they will know you are on their list.

3  An opportunity for a session

When any of your mentors become avliable for a session, the bot will let you know that there's an opportunity to talk.


If you are also available - great! Send the word "yes" to the bot, and you will get connected to a phone session with your mentor. Yay!

If your are not available - no worries! The bot will try you again the next time there's an opportunity for a session

4 The bot's commands

You can always send "help" and see a list of the bot's commands:

Yes - The bot will let you know the next time your host is ready. Send "Yes" to get the call


Hosts - See a list of all your mentors

Set-subject - Change the subject of your session with a host

Remove-host - Stop receiving notifications about a specific mentor, or all mentors

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can set up a JustTalkTo Mentorship program for your community

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