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JustTalkTo Mentorship

The Mentor Experience

1  Sign Up

As a mentor, you will be added to the your community via a Sign Up Form that you will receive from the community admin. 

In this form, you will see an explanation about your community's plan, terms and conditions. 

You will fill out your personal details, social links, and choose the tags that your want to give mentoring about.

2  Onboarding

When your community officially launches, you will receive a welcome message from the JustTalkTo bot.

The bot will explain about the community, and also share the commands you'll need to know to initiate a mentoring session, and to manage your list of mentees.

3  Share your profile

The bot will give you a link to your profile page within the community. Now is the time to share this link with the world, and let them know about the opportunity to get your mentorship and advice.

People who see your profile page can then subscribe as your mentees. 

4 Your first mentee!

The bot will let you know when new mentees subscribe to you. You will receive their name, and the subject they want to get advice on.

5 Starting a session

Got some spare time? Great!
Let the bot know that you are avliable for a mentoring sessions, by sending the command "start" (or "1").

The bot will go over your list of mentees, and check if someone is avliable for a session. 

If there's a match - the bot will coordinate a phone session for you. Have fun! 

If there's no match this time - no worries, you can try again the next time you have some spare time!

6 The bot's commands

You can always send "help" and see a list of the bot's commands:

1 - Start - Start looking for an avliable mentee. You will be avliable for the next 30 minutes

2 - Cancel -  If you want to cancel your availability before the 30 minutes window ends

3 - List - Shows the list of your current mentees, and how to manage it

4 - Link - Shows your profile link

5 - Help - Show the help menu

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can set up a JustTalkTo Mentorship program for your community

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