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Turn traffic 
into value!

JustTalkTo™ is a productivity app for your phone calls. Use JustTalkTo™ during commute or in between tasks.

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Stuck in traffic? A meeting got cancelled? 
Just have some spare time?

Click "start" and JustTalkTo™ will automatically find whoever is available to speak at the same moment - and connect them with you!

JustTalkTo™ will capture missed calls, ask for more details and then add them to your call-list. You can also add or remove calls and prioritize your list.


adds missed-calls

to your list!

Send instant text

or a form to a

missed call.

Simply add or 

remove calls from

the list!

JustTalkTo will

find who on the list

is available!

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Dr. Doron Goldberg

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" My patients know they can always contact me, but my schedule means

I am not available for many hours.

JustTalkTo helps me create a personal connection with my patients while making the most of the driving time to the hospital. It allows me to be accessible whenever I choose and keep my private time to myself. "

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