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About Us

Our online PA system transforms your calls into leads.

Never miss a lead again!

We speak with your callers, find out what they need, confirm availability and more 

Work smart. Join us now. 

Our Team

Shira Luk-Zilberman

Founder, CEO

Rotem Perets

Founder, VP R&D

Imri Goldberg

Founder, CTO

Shira is a 20-year tech veteran. As former VP Product, Master of Programming, Designer of Human Experiences & Product Manager she brings to JTT a world of experience. 

Rotem has been building full-stack development teams for years. In addition to managing Dev he also serves as JTT "chief of relationships" and brings a smile to everyone's faces.  

Imri is an experienced third-time founder and CTO. His previous travel-tech company was purchased by HERE. He gives us that extra edge and much-needed insider information.

Get to know us 

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